Froedtert Hospital has fewer complications than the defined upper limit set by The Joint Commission (which accredits hospitals). During our last reporting year, we had no complications for our asymptomatic (elective) cases. Complications remain well below the Joint Commission limit.

Froedtert Hospital performs more than 600 diagnostic angiograms each year without any complications. This has been the case for every year since this statistic has been tracked, starting in 2016.

For every minute the brain is without oxygen-rich blood due to a clot in a blood vessel, 1.9 million neurons are lost.

The gold standard in stroke treatment is to get Alteplase (TPA), which is sometimes referred to as the clot-busting drug, started as soon as possible for eligible patients. National regulatory bodies set the minimum standard for starting TPA as within 60 minutes of hospital arrival.

For eligible patients in 2018, 100% of our patients received TPA within 60 minutes. More than 90% received it within 45 minutes and 70% received TPA within 30 minutes.

Froedtert Hospital starts TPA much faster than the national average of 60 minutes. Our excellent door-to-TPA times led the American Stroke Association to ask our program leadership to educate others on best practices at the state and national level.


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