The Stroke and Neurovascular Program is staffed by nationally recognized, board-certified physicians. These experts have advanced (fellowship) training in specialties focused on caring for stroke and neurovascular patients to provide leading-edge medical care.

Team members include:

  • Neurologists – Specialize in the treatment and prevention of stroke and brain conditions.
  • Neuro-intensivists – Coordinate both the neurological and medical management of the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patient in the critical care setting.
  • Neuro-interventionalists – Use non-invasive techniques to treat brain aneurysms, open blocked arteries in the brain and remove clots in brain arteries.
  • Neurosurgeons – Offer advanced surgical options for aneurysm repair.
  • Emergency medicine specialists – Provide initial care that is key to a positive outcome.
  • Physiatrists – Specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation specialists – Focus on stroke and neurovascular recovery.

Comprehensive Stroke Center Care Team

Sue Fuhrman, MS, MSN, RN-BC
Comprehensive Stroke Program Coordinator

Stroke and Neurovascular Program Physicians

Vijay Johnson, MD
Neurocritical Care
Medical Director, NICU

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