Our Stroke and Neurovascular Program offers the most advanced treatment options available, including many minimally invasive catheter-based endovascular approaches to treat and prevent conditions such as stroke. 

These “neuro-interventional” procedures treat conditions within the blood vessels of the brain or spinal cavity. They often replace the need for surgery that opens the skull or exposes the spinal column, requiring instead incisions as small as the tip of your thumb. 

They allow for less pain, shorter treatment time and faster recovery.

Treatments include:

Preventing Stroke and Other Neurovascular Conditions

Age, family history, race, gender, high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, prior stroke or TIA, and many other factors can increase the risk of stroke, brain aneurysms and other neurovascular conditions. Patients at increased risk can benefit from preventive care strategies recommended by our stroke and neurovascular experts. These strategies may include lifestyle changes, medications or minimally invasive endovascular procedures.