Translational research is the process of bringing new scientific discoveries from the laboratory to patient use. Clinical research requires physicians with specialty expertise, highly trained nurses and clinical staff and appropriate resources. With the development of “targeted” cancer drugs and cellular therapies, translational research is more important than ever. These treatments fight cancer by targeting specific features within cancer cells or by altering specific cells in a person’s immune system to better fight their cancer.

Our translational research units focus on early phase clinical trials (phase I and II) that are conducted among small numbers of patients. Early-phase clinical trials are essential to evaluating promising new therapies and moving them forward into phase 3 and 4 testing prior to FDA approval as standard treatment.

The Froedtert & MCW Cancer Network is one of few cancer care networks in the nation with two dedicated cancer translational research units and has the only cancer inpatient translational research unit in Wisconsin. Both translational research units are located at our Froedtert Hospital campus.

  • At our outpatient clinic, the Nicholas Family Foundation Translational Research Unit, patients receive infused cancer clinical trial treatment and go home the same day. It is located on the third floor of the Clinical Cancer Center at Froedtert Hospital campus.
  • An inpatient unit for patients who require a hospital stay for their treatment on cancer clinical trials is located within an inpatient unit on the ninth floor of our Center for Advanced Care. Patients with certain types of lymphoma, sarcoma, solid tumors and GI tumors can be referred for early phase clinical trials involving infused treatments like immunotherapies that require the complex care and careful monitoring that can only be delivered in a hospital setting.

Patients receive a high level of individualized care from specially trained oncology nurses while taking part in important cancer research. The trials are conducted under strict conditions of quality and safety. Additionally, each unit features the advanced technology needed for monitoring the complex needs of our patients, as well as for supporting the precise timing and sequencing of treatment.

These dedicated units expand our already robust clinical research program, allowing us to offer more options to patients who need them. Our Cancer Network provides the largest clinical trials treatment program in Wisconsin.