Vascular neurosurgery involves a complete range of treatment options for disorders of brain blood vessels. These include surgery for vessel malformation (structural deformities), aneurysms, carotid stenosis (narrowed carotid arteries) and cerebral insufficiency (decreased blood flow to the brain caused by clogged arteries).

Treatments range from minimally invasive catheter-based endovascular procedures to complex surgeries such as microsurgical aneurysm clipping.

Gamma Knife® Non-Invasive Surgery

Gamma Knife is a neurosurgical tool designed for the treatment of brain disorders. A Gamma Knife is not an actual knife because it has no traditional blade or scalpel. Instead, surgeons use targeted radiation to treat brain lesions that would otherwise be inoperable by standard surgical techniques. Gamma Knife enables patients to undergo a form of brain surgery without an incision and the risks associated with open brain surgery and general anesthesia.

With scalpel-like precision, the Gamma Knife targets a specific area of the brain with highly accurate beams of radiation. The area being treated receives a high dose of radiation with minimum risk to nearby tissue and structures.

Benefits of this treatment approach for the patient are significant. There is no need to shave the head and side effects are minimal. The treatment time is shorter, recovery is quicker and the impact on the patient’s overall health is less than with traditional surgery.