Froedtert Pharmacy Services and Medication Management

Dale Drizd, PharmD, executive director, Froedtert Health Pharmacy Solutions, talks about how our pharmacy specialists work with your doctors to manage medications, help control the costs and arrange home delivery. The 15 Froedtert & MCW pharmacy locations in southeastern Wisconsin offer prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vaccinations.

What services does Froedtert Pharmacy offer?

First and foremost, our pharmacies offer access to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that work closely with your doctor and have access to your medical record to provide the most comprehensive pharmacy care possible. Our pharmacy locations support prescription and over-the-counter medication needs. We support your vaccination administration either with walk-in appointments or online appointment capabilities and medication access support to help reduce the cost of your medicines.

What other services does Froedtert Pharmacy offer?

We offer a host of other specialized and personalized services within our pharmacy team that you don't normally see in other pharmacies. So for instance, we have a comprehensive specialty pharmacy program where we work with board-certified pharmacists to help you manage your medications and your health conditions. For very complex and expensive medicines, we help you reduce the cost of those medications, and we can deliver them for free to your home.

What makes using Froedtert Pharmacy Services convenient?

On top of our free home delivery program, we also offer 15 physical locations across eastern Wisconsin in the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health centers and hospitals — many of which have curbside pickup availability or drive-through capabilities, so it's very easy to support your needs. Dale, thank you so much for being here.