Froedtert Pharmacy Helps Save Money on Prescriptions, Provides Resources

At some point in our lives, most of us need to take medications for a health condition, but the success of that medication can be impacted by factors we might not connect with an illness.

Froedtert Pharmacy Solutions

At Froedtert Pharmacy Solutions, we ensure that the care we provide for all of our patients positively impacts their overall health. So whether a patient encounters us through one of our 15 outpatient pharmacies or award-winning Specialty Pharmacy, we coordinate all services for our patients — from providing financial assistance through our voucher program to offering vaccination services or free home delivery of medication.

What are the benefits of the voucher program?

The voucher program is actually a financial assistance program that is automatically applied for our patients to help save them money on their out-of-pocket cost, and I'm proud to say that to date we've saved about $3 million per year for our patients.

What else can impact a patient's use of medication?

There are several nonmedical factors which can impact a patient's use of medications. Those are typically referred to as social determinants of health, so housing insecurity, food insecurity, transportation issues. We ensure that we screen for these issues, and we also refer the patients to resources to help them with these issues that they may be having.

Who can use Froedtert Pharmacy services?

Anyone can utilize our Froedtert Pharmacy services, and we look forward to welcoming them to one of our pharmacy locations.