Workforce Health coaches partner with the employee to be their health advocate in developing health and wellness goals and sharing strategies to help the individual achieve their goals. Our philosophy is to inspire new actions based on the employee’s insight. 

When needed, we work with the employee’s primary care team, regardless of health system affiliations, to complement necessary actions to improve overall health and chronic condition management. Additionally, our coaches work to improve compliance with recommended screenings and preventive medicine.

The Workforce Health coaching gives you a health advantage through:

  • Ongoing, in-person relationship with the health care provider, improving employee engagement in the wellness initiatives.
  • Increased compliance with screenings and preventive medicine.
  • Appropriate use of health care servings; the right treatment at the right time and place.
  • Reduced time away from work for appointments.

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A healthy workforce means a healthy bottom line.

Workforce Health improves your employees’ health and productivity while controlling health care costs.

Wellness Programs & Health Appraisals

Engage your employees in understanding more about their own health. Learn what the collective wellness trends are for your organization.

Health Coaching

To inspire lasting changes, our experts will be health coaches for your workers, developing goals and sharing strategies to help each person achieve wellness.

Workplace Clinics

Bringing health care services to your workforce — offering convenience and expertise — to keep them healthy.

Occupational Health

Hire well, train well, heal well, engage well — occupational health can help across the spectrum.

Why Workforce Health

We listen. We build a program to match your needs. How do we know? Our clients tell the story best.

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