BMT physicians are hematologists and oncologists with years of specialized experience in blood and marrow transplants and cellular therapies. Many are known nationally and internationally for their work in the field.

Our BMT specialists work closely with physicians who treat blood cancers within the Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Program.

They also work together with experts who treat other blood disorders in the Benign Hematology Program.

This renowned team offers autologous transplants, allogeneic transplants (including transplants from matched related or unrelated donors), haploidentical (half-matched) related and mismatched unrelated donor transplants, CAR T-cell therapies, other cell therapies and gene therapies.

Hematology and Oncology


Physician Assistants and Nurses

The team that staffs the BMT Inpatient Unit includes specially trained advanced practice providers, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Several nurses assume primary care responsibility for each patient, helping them manage daily routines and cope with physical and emotional challenges. In the outpatient area, nurses provide essential pre- and post-transplant care.


Bryon D. Johnson, PhD
Director, BMT and Cellular Therapy Program Cell Processing Laboratory and Lymphocyte Propagation Laboratory


The BMT team includes two full-time pharmacists who monitor patient medications. The pharmacists focus on education, making sure patients and family members understand their medications and are aware of any possible side effects.

Registered Dietitian

A registered dietitian evaluates new BMT patients for special diet needs and helps patients overcome any nutritional problems related to treatment.

Support Staff

Cancer patients have many needs that go beyond medical care. The BMT and Cellular Therapy Program coordinator facilitates scheduling, paperwork and other details. Social workers are also on hand to help patients and their families navigate a variety of challenges. We can also link interested patients with chaplains and psychologists.