COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: Vaccine Updates | Visitor Guidelines

COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Updates

Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters, including answers to frequently asked questions.

COVID-19 Testing and Care Options

We do not offer walk-in testing for COVID-19. Please select from these options if you think you have had close contact or are experiencing symptoms.

Start a Free E-Visit

If you need to be tested for COVID-19, a free E-Visit is your best option for testing and next steps for care. You'll answer questions in MyChart about your symptoms. A provider will review your answers and recommend next steps for your testing and care.

Use Our Symptom Checker

Are your symptoms COVID-19? Use our symptom checker to get real-time analysis of your symptoms and guidance on how to proceed, including what to do if your symptoms might be COVID-19.

Call Your Provider

If you think you may have COVID-19 or have questions and would like to speak to someone about your options, call your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19

Getting Care During the Pandemic

We recognize that you may have put some things on hold because of the COVID-19 situation, but care for urgent conditions, whether new or existing, should not be delayed. We continue to encourage the use of scheduled and on-demand virtual visits. And, with the help of our academic health experts and continued guidance from our local and state departments of health and the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have developed a plan to safely conduct in-person visits when needed. 

Start a Virtual Visit Now

Receive care as soon as possible without an appointment with an on-demand video visit. Care is available via mobile app or webcam for a flat fee of $49.

Schedule a Virtual Visit

Receive care at your convenience by scheduling a virtual visit via mobile phone, tablet or desktop with a Froedtert & MCW primary care provider. 

View In-Person Safety Measures

Know that we are taking every precaution to ensure our facilities and caregivers are as safe as possible. Learn what to expect during an in-person visit to one of our locations.

Still experiencing symptoms after a bout with COVID-19?

Being ill with COVID-19 can leave a person with ongoing challenges, even after the COVID-19 infection is no longer active. These challenges can include both medical and emotional symptoms. The Froedtert & the MCW team recognizes that coping with a COVID-19 diagnosis may have an ongoing impact on you and is here to support you through our post–COVID-19 care program.

If you are experiencing persistent medical symptoms that negatively impact your daily function eight or more weeks after your COVID-19 diagnosis, please discuss them with your Froedtert & MCW provider to see if our Post-COVID Multispecialty Clinic may be right for you.

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How Does COVID-19 Affect My Care?

Crushing COVID-19

From miraculous cures to overwhelming displays of support to compassionate care for the very ill — we've gathered stories that will warm your heart.

Resources From MCW

Find more information and resources about COVID-19 from the physicians and faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Learn More About Coronavirus

The CDC has the latest information on confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases, risk assessments and more.