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NIMBLE App Concept for Treating Brain Metastases (Joseph Bovi, MD)

Joseph Bovi, MD, radiation oncologist, talks about brain mets, our Brain Metastases Program and melanoma survivor Jim Garrity. Jim was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma that had spread (metastasized) to his brain. He could not wait for the next weekly tumor board to discuss his treatment plan. Dr. Bovi explains how Jim's case inspired the team to outline the Brain Metastases Program workflow and discuss patients in real time.

The endeavor had remarkable outcomes - shortening hospital stays by 40% or more. To facilitate these real-time discussions, the team worked to develop the "Network for the Integrated Management of Brain Metastases: Linking Experts," or NIMBLE, app. The NIMBLE app offers a virtual tumor board, real-time physician access, data-driven treatment recommendations in hours and multiple expert opinions.