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Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health centers and clinics are dedicated to improving the overall health and wellness in the communities we serve.

All of our established clinics are nationally recognized under the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home Program. We have also made the commitment to certify our newly opened clinics in this program to ensure consistency and excellence in patient care across the organization.

To identify certified locations, look for the NCQA seal under the individual clinic location information both on our website and in our site specific educational materials.

A New Delivery of Care

The purpose of the Medical Home model gives patients the ability to establish care and build lifelong relationships with their primary care providers and care team members. Decisions about plans of care and healthcare delivery methods are made together with our patients. We believe making medical decisions with our patients instead of for our patients improves a patients understanding of both the care needed and treatment options available. We want our patients to know they are at the center of our care teams and are the focus of our efforts.

The Medical Home model was also designed to facilitate care coordination so that when patients need to receive care from providers other than their primary doctor, they are able to transition seamlessly between providers. This is also true for care transitions between hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, between home and hospital and between physician offices and hospitals.

As part of the Medical Home program we are also leveraging the use of technology to assist in coordinating your care. Our technology also allows us to provide our patients with additional modes of communication between care teams, providers and patients which is of great benefit to our patients. We are here to help you navigate the complex world of healthcare and we strive to be your “medical home”; the place you always come back to for your medical needs.

Team Approach

The Medical Home model is built upon the belief that a team approach to healthcare is the best way to collaborate with our patients. We want to be sure our patients understand their treatment plans so they will be better able to assist in making decisions about the way we manage medications, chronic conditions, preventative screenings and special considerations.

The cornerstone of the Medical Home is the relationship built between a patient and their primary care physician. The physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner guides a care team consisting of nurses, medical assistants, receptionists and a care-coordinator to facilitate optimum patient care.

Together with the patient, the care team sets health goals based upon the patient’s values and priorities, discusses how to achieve those goals, develops a care plan, and answers patient questions.

The Medical Home model also offers increased emphasis on patients and their personal needs by focusing on:

  • Greater access
  • Patient education
  • Self-management of chronic health conditions
  • Goal setting
  • Prevention
  • Use of evidence-based guidelines for care

This relationship assists health care providers in disease prevention, early detection and disease management.

These strategies are also proven to reduce health care costs for patients and improve overall patient health and quality of life. Our health care teams coordinate both preventive and post-illness patient care, screening tests and immunizations, follow-up visits, post hospital discharge management and manage many chronic illnesses such as hypertension, heart failure and diabetes.

Treating You Through All Stages of Life

Medical Home CoordinationWhether you come in for an urgent or same-day illness, a checkup or ongoing care, your team will proactively address all of your health and wellness concerns at that appointment. This may include scheduling any needed tests or screenings a few days prior to your appointment so we can discuss the results and treatment options together at your appointment.

If you are overdue for any testing, screenings, or preventive care, you may also receive a letter or phone call that will remind you to schedule those services. We aim to increase our patient’s understanding of their health conditions provide them with the resources, education, and support necessary to reach their optimal health status.

Improving Outcomes and Efficiency

The added support from the care team, electronic medical records and the use of standardized work flows that incorporate proven best practices from the industry have shown to improve quality, outcomes, patient satisfaction and patient engagement.

Prevention, early detection and disease management are proven not only to reduce health care costs for patients, but more importantly improve health and quality of life.

A major aspect of the medical home model is ensuring an enhanced focus on listening to the voice of the patient and providing tools that improve patient care. The care team uses data obtained from quality scores and feedback from patient experience surveys to improve the care we provide.

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