PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Resident

Pharmacy School/Graduation Year

Purdue University, 2017

PGY1 Program

Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Ga.

PGY2 Rotations

Emergency Medicine I & II, Emergency Medicine/ICU Community, Toxicology, 3rd Shift ED/ICU, MICU, NICU

PGY2 Residency Project

Effect of Hydrocortisone on Hemodynamic instability in Burn ICU Patients

Why did you choose to pursue a residency?

My first ever pharmacy shadowing experience was in high school with an emergency medicine pharmacist. Ever since then, I knew would pursue a residency to obtain the skills I needed to become one. I love pushing myself, teaching others and learning, making residency an ideal fit!

What attracted you to the Froedtert & MCW pharmacy residency program?

I enjoyed seeing how integrated the emergency medicine pharmacists are with the whole emergency medicine team. Emergency medicine pharmacy practice is very established at Froedtert Hospital, and the preceptors are extremely wise, fun to work with and dedicated to teaching

Professional Interests

Prehospital emergency care, resuscitation, toxicology


Rowing, knitting, playing with my cats and video games

Favorite Thing to Do in Milwaukee

Exploring all of the amazing breweries

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