PowerMic Mobile is an application designed for use with Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. PowerMic Mobile enables providers the ability to dictate from anywhere at any time, provided they have an existing DMO (Dragon Medical One) account.

PowerMic Mobile gives users the freedom and flexibility to work untethered from an office computer while using an available cellular or WiFi connection.

Mobile Device System Requirements

  • Minimum version of the iOS 9.3.5 operating system
  • Minimum Android operating system version of 6.0
  • While any device with the minimum requirements specified above can support PowerMic Mobile, more recent devices lead to better overall application performance.
  • Ability to download and install applications on the mobile device via the Apple App and Google Play Stores. 

Installation Instructions

This will automatically configure your device to connect to the Froedtert instance of PowerMic Mobile. You must be on the mobile device you wish to activate when you select the configuration button.

  1. Install PowerMic Mobile on the Mobile Device.
    Download PowerMic Mobile directly from the App or Play Store by searching “PowerMic Mobile”.
  2. Configure PowerMic Mobile for the Froedtert Environment.

    Configure iOS Configure Android

    Clicking the configure buttons above will initiate the configuration process. When/if prompted for an application to open the link, select PowerMic Mobile.

  3. Finalize application configuration.
    Accept the End User License Agreement and accept the “allow microphone access” on the phone if prompted.
  4. Reference supplemental documentation.
    Additional Instructions and Troubleshooting Tips
    Dragon PMM (PowerMic Mobile) Job Aid
  5. Review common questions.
    Dragon PMM (PowerMic Mobile) FAQ

If you require assistance, please contact the IS Help Desk at 414-805-2101 or [email protected]. By downloading and configuring this application on your device, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the FH-IT.027 Mobile Device Security policy (requires access to Scout).